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In this article, we will cover:

How to create a Custom Product Feed 

  1. Go to top right hand corner and click on your name
  2. Click on Team Settings
  3. Click on Product Feeds

    _Product Feeds - Add Custom Product Feed - 18th November 2022.gif
  4. Click on +Add 
  5. This will open a new popup on the right-hand side
  6. Click on Custom
  7. Click on Next 
  8. Then fill in a title for your Product Feed
  9. Click on Create
  10. Then you will see the Product Feed appear in the list


How to add products to the Custom Product Feed

  1. Click on ... next to the Custom Product Feed that you have add
  2. Click on View Products
  3. Click on +Add
  4. This will open a new pop up on the right hand side
  5. This will give you the following options to fill in:
    Title: name of the product
    SKU: the product code. Each sku must be unique in file for each individual item/product.
    Price: what the price of the product is. Prices should not contain symbol other then . to separate the decimals (e.g. 9.99 for 9.99) 
    Categories: what category this product fits in. If it's multiple categories, you must put a comma between categories
    Brand: the name of the brand
    Currencies: which currency the product is being sold in.  For example, GBP, USD, EUR...
    URL: the url of the product
    Availability: what the availability of the product is.
    Description: the description of the product
    Media: upload a product image
  6. Click on Save Product
  7. The newly saved product will appear in the list

How to view your products 

  1. In Product Feeds, click on ... next to the CSV file that you would like to see the products list for
  2. Click on View Products
  3. This will load the list 
  4. Now you will be able to look through your products list


You can also view the detail of every single product if you hover over the line item you want to look at and click the following button: mceclip2.png and it gives you an overall view in a popup on the right-hand side.


How to archived/unarchive products

You can archive or unarchive products inside the View Products without having to upload your CSV file again.

  1. Click on ... next to the item that you want to archive or unarchive
  2. This should move the item to the Active side of the filter or the Archived side of the filter.



How to delete a Product Feed

To delete a Product Feed:

  1. In Product Feeds, click on ... next to the Product Feed you would like to delete
  2. Click on Delete
  3. A popup will appear in the middle of the screen saying: This action will permanently delete your product feed application. Are you sure you still want to continue? 
  4. Click on Okay to continue with deleting the Product feed
  5. The Product Feed will disappear from the list



How to export your Custom Product Feed as a CSV file

If you would like to export your Custom Product Feed as a CSV file, you can do this by:

  1. In Product Feeds, click on ... next to the Product Feed you would like to export
  2. Click on Export to CSV
  3. Then the download will automatically start


If you run into any issues with your Custom Product Feeds, please don't hesitate to contact Support at

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