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Once you've generated content in your TINT you can use our Marketing Integrations to repurpose that content in your email newsletters, landing pages, and even your Facebook Ads. Let's find out how!

Note: In order to legally use a fan's image in any of your marketing assets, you must first request rights to that content. You can follow our UGC Rights instructions here to learn how to do that. 

How to connect Facebook Ads account to your TINT account

  1. Log into your TINT account and navigate to the Team Settings option in the top right dropdown:
  2. Click on Integrations and the green +Add button
  3. A new popup will open on the right-hand side, find Facebook Ads and select it
  4. Click "Connect"
  5. A popup box will appear.  Log into your Facebook account which is connected to your Facebook Ads account if you are not already logged in.
    Otherwise, it will ask to continue as ..., and then it will ask if you want authorize TINT to have access to manage ads for ad account that you have access to.  This is already switched on as Yes and click done.  It will confirm that you have linked your TINT account to Facebook.
  6. If successfully authenticated, you'll see Facebook Ads show up in your Integrations dashboard. 

How to connect Facebook Ad Integration - Facebook Ads Integration - 7th November.gif



How to push an asset to Facebook Ads Media Library from UGC Studio

  1. Go to UGC Studio 
  2. Select the asset(s) that you would like to push to Facebook Ad Media Library
  3. Click Publish
  4. A small popup will appear at the bottom of the screen, that will say publishing assets.  Depending on how many assets you have published, this can take a while.  Once done, this will say Completed.
  5. You will see the assets appear in Facebook Ads Media Library

How to push an asset to Facebook Ads Media Library from UGC Studio - Facebook Ads Integration - 7th November.gif

If you run into any issues or have questions, please feel free to reach out to support@tintup.com.

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