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Our SMS integration allows your audience to send photos directly to any TINT via text message. 

How to add a SMS feed to your TINT board

  1. In the CONTENT panel of the TINT Editor, click on the Text Message icon
  2. If you'd like to moderate the photos that are submitted via SMS before they are displayed on your TINT, select "I would like to manually approve posts before they appear publicly on my TINT."
  3. Then click the "Add Social Feed" button

  4. A number will be assigned to your TINT board, which is visible in the CONTENT YOU'VE ADDED section of the CONTENT panel:



Now you're ready to start receiving messages.

Important information about the SMS feed

  • The number that is assigned is a US number.  You can receive texts to this number worldwide but charges may apply to the sender
  • We support text only, images and videos via SMS submission.  However, video length is determined by the sending service provider and may vary by submitter
  • The number is randomly generated by our provider and you cannot pick a number
  • You cannot use the same number on another TINT board
  • You only have one SMS feed per TINT board
  • There are several reasons on why an SMS is delayed or even not delivered: 
    • Coverage Issues
    • Mobile Device Issues 
    • Different Networks 
    • Network Traffic 
    • Spam Classification, this can be on the network providers side and also on TINT's side
    • File format
    • Adult Filter
  • The SMS service has always had up to a 24 hour window delivery time but normally it should be 2 minutes from beginning to end
  • Videos can take longer to process.  Text sometimes appears in TINT before the image or the video does and it is just a blank box with text, this is normal as it’s still processing
  • Images and Videos are hosted by our provider. These attachments are held for 13 months on their server and after this date, the thumbnail(s) in the TINT editor will go blank but the text will remain.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our SMS Integration please contact Technical Support at

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