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In this article, we will cover:

How to setup a FTP feed

  1. Go to top right-hand corner and click on your name
  2. Click on Team Settings
  3. Click on Product Feeds


  4. Click on +Add
  5. Click on FTP
  6. Click on Next
  7. Click on Select Account
  8. Click on Add Account if you don't have an account already listed
  9. Fill in the following:
    FTP URL: Enter the hostname of the server where we need to connect.
    USERNAME: The username that you have picked
    PASSWORD: The password that you have picked
    FILENAME: The name of the file on the server that you want to connect to TINT
  10. Click on Connect
  11. Your FTP feed will appear in the list


Important information about setting up an FTP feed

  • The Server will not be hosted in TINT. You will need to host the server
  • The username is something you create on your side that allows us to access the FTP server you provided in the field above
  • You will need to enter the name of the file on the server we need to download. That name will need to be the same every time. So if you call it tint.csv, you can enter it here as tint.csv. If the file lives in a folder, you will need to enter the path, for example, folder/tint.csv

  • The CSV file needs to be in the exact same format as the one we use for the manual CSV product feed
  • We support folders.  To add a folder, the filename needs to end with a / (e.g. folder/ to import all of the files in the "folder" folder)
  • It's important to use a glob pattern to target specific files based on a naming pattern to limit what we import from the chosen folder (e.g. folder/products.*.csv to import all of the CSV files that start with "products" from the "folder" folder). Click here for more information on Glob

How to Sync a FTP feed 

When you need to update the FTP feed's product, do the following:

  1. In Product Feeds, click on ... next to the FTP feed you would like to update
  2. Click on Sync Feed
  3. This will get the updated information from your server and update the information in TINT.

How to export a FTP Feed as a CSV file

If you would like to export your FTP Feed as a CSV file, you can do this by:

  1. In Product Feeds, click on ... next to the Product Feed you would like to export
  2. Click on Export to CSV
  3. Then the download will automatically start



How to delete a FTP Feed

To delete a Product Feed:

  1. In Product Feeds, click on ... next to the Product Feed you would like to delete
  2. Click on Delete
  3. A popup will appear in the middle of the screen saying: This action will permanently delete your product feed application. Are you sure you still want to continue? 
  4. Click on Okay to continue with deleting the Product feed
  5. The Product Feed will disappear from the list


If you run into any issues with your Custom Product Feeds, please don't hesitate to contact Support at support@tintup.com.


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