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How to add an RSS feed to your TINT board

To get your content into TINT from RSS, you can add an RSS feed. To do this:

  1. Go to your TINT board
  2. Click on the RSS symbol 
  3. Paste the RSS link that you have made
  4. Leave ticked or unticked if you want manual moderation or auto-moderation on
  5. Click Add Social Feed


How to edit the label on an RSS feed

By default, the label for the feed itself will be the RSS link but you are able to change this to whatever you would like.  

  1. Go to the feed you would like to edit
  2. Click on the Settings cog
  3. Click on Edit Name
  4. Rename the feed to what you would like it to be 
  5. Click on the tick to confirm or the x to cancel
  6. Your feed should be renamed


How to delete an RSS feed

  1. Go to the feed you would like to edit
  2. Click on the Settings cog
  3. Click on Remove Feed
  4. A pop-up notification will appear with Are you sure? All content on this social feed will be deleted and cannot be recovered. Re-adding the exact feed will not recover these posts.  You will be presented with two buttons - No, Keep Feed or Yes, Delete Feed
  5. The feed should disappear if you pressed Yes, Delete Feed


How to pause or unpause an RSS feed

You can pause or unpause your RSS feed if you don't want to ingest content or want to restart ingesting content.

To Pause the feed:

  1. Go to the feed you would like to pause 
  2. Click on the pause icon to pause the feed
  3. A popup box will say Are you sure? All content on this social feed will be paused and no new content will be ingested until its is un-paused
  4. Click on Yes, Pause Feed
  5. This will Pause the feed


To Unpause the feed:

  1. Go to the feed you would like to unpause
  2. Click on the Play icon to unpause the feed
  3. This will unpause the feed


Troubleshooting an RSS feed

When troubleshooting problems with an RSS connection, please verify the following:

  1. The RSS feed is valid. To run validation on your RSS feed click here.  
  2. All RSS feed items contain the following references:
    <title> = Defines the title of the post
    <description> = Defines the description of the post
    <guid>  = Defines a unique identifier for the post
    <pubDate> = Defines the last publication date for the post
  3. Your RSS feed is pulling the right image:
    If the box "Pull Image From Description" is checked when you add the RSS feed as a social connection in the TINT Editor your TINT will look for an image in the <description> field. If there is no image in the element then the correct image may not display.
    If the box "Pull Image From Description" is not checked when you add the RSS feed your TINT will pull images using the service Embedly. Embedly checks if your link contains an og:image metatag. If your link contains the og:image metatag Embedly will return the correct image. If the og:image metatag is missing Embedly will use its own algorithm to determine the image.
  4. The URL for the RSS feed isn’t too long. If you aren’t seeing any content pull in at all, and your RSS feed is a long URL, try using a URL shortener like Once you have the shortened link, copy it and add the shortened URL instead of the original RSS URL.
  5. Please do not include multiple <media:thumbnail> elements as this may create duplicate posts. Since TINT now imports all images associated with an entry, and some entries have multiple versions of the same image in different sizes, the posts may appear to be duplicated.

If you have any other issues related to your RSS feed, please don’t hesitate to contact Technical Support at



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