Signage Code Parameters, Specifications and Customizations

In this article, we will cover:

Standard Signage Parameters

You can add parameters to your signage URLs to customize a TINT board. 

Your display URL will look as follows when you request your link on TINT. To learn how to get your display URL, click here.  


The standard URL contains:

  • tintslug is the TINT board you are displaying
  • personalization_id is the personalization that the URL is currently displaying
  • fullscreen=true is for the fullscreen button to display on your URL


Whilst you can remove &fullscreen=true from the URL to not have this button, all the other elements on the URL are essential for the TINT board to display.  

To add on a parameter to a URL, place & and the parameter that you would like your URL to display plus a possible value =.  For example,

Advanced Signage Parameters


columns - how many columns you would like to display 


Click For More

clickForMore -if set to "true" more posts will load on your TINT when a button is clicked. 


paginate - if set to "true", a fixed number of posts are shown, with buttons to navigate from page to page.


count - if set to a positive integer, it will determine how many posts to initially load on your TINT. Due to most of the theme designs, if this parameter is added, you will not see any difference as it doesn't limit the post total but changes the page load amount.  This works well in combination with Paginate or Click For More.


Paginate example 

Click For More example


query - filter by the keywords in the posts on the TINT board.  To learn how to use Keyword filtering, click here

To use multiple keywords, use a comma in between the words with no spaces,landscape 





tags - filter by the tags you have set up in the TINT board.  To learn how to tag, click here.
To use multiple tags, use a comma in between the words with no spaces


Saved Filter ID

saved_filter_id - filter by the save filters that you can set up in the TINT board. To learn how to set a Saved Filter in the TINT board, click here.


Title Change

title - to change the title in the browser


Date Range

from - to show a set date range (in seconds)
For example:
24 hours = &from=-86400
7 days = &from=-604800
a month = &from=-2629800 



No Popup

noPopup - if set to "true" removes the pop-up modal and directs users to the original social content in a new browser tab. 


If you have any questions regarding TINT Signage parameters, please don’t hesitate to contact Technical Support at

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