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If you are a TINT as well as Vesta client, then we are able to link these accounts together so you can get the most of out both Platforms.  

How to switch between TINT and Vesta

  1. In TINT, click on the Vesta icon
  2. This will take you automatically into Vesta

How to Switch from TINT to Vesta Vesta - 24th July 2023.gif


How to add a Vesta Feed

  1. Go to your TINT board
  2. Click on the Vesta symbol
  3. Select the mission you want the content from
  4. Leave ticked or unticked if you want manual moderation or auto-moderation on
  5. Click Add Social Feed

How to add a Vesta Feed - Vesta - 1st August 2023.gif

If you have any questions regarding Vesta, don't hesitate to contact Technical Support at

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