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Wondering what's new on TINT? Here, we will share our latest engineering updates, features, and product changes to keep you in the know about the exciting developments on our platform. 

11/29/2023 - Product change - Twitter logo has been changed to X logo in TINT and all articles have been verified and updated accordingly
11/15/2023 - Feature added - Form Builder - search and filter functionality has been added 
11/15/2023 - Feature added - Form Builder - the new download for reports has been added and has the same ability as the Experience Builder version.  Click here to see how to do this
11/15/2023 - Product change - Experience Builder - Report view two download buttons have been merged into one single button and we have added the ability to optionally select a date range and if media files should be included. Click here to see how to do this.
11/07/2023 - Feature added - Form Builder - This feature allows brand customers to collect consumer data and feedback across touchpoints (website, landing pages, digital properties) through customizable form fields. Learn more about this feature in Form Builder
11/02/2023 - Product change - we have added new permissions for Webhooks and OAuth applications to roles which means that team administrators will be able to decide who can and cannot manage these permissions.  Click here for more information on Permissions 
10/25/2023 - Product Change - Public Add a Post - If upload custom Terms & Conditions section has nothing in it on the feed settings, it will not no longer go into UGC Studio and the post will no longer have the Green banner Rights Approved. 
10/13/2023 - Feature added - Experience Builder -  Form Submissions Files Download -  the ability to easily download all files associated with form submissions an Experience page receives.  Click here to see how to do this.
09/26/2023 - Feature added - Automatically Open the Public Add a Post Modal - Adding a parameter to the web embed will cause the public add a post (or review) modal to open automatically when the embed loads, or selectively, thereby enabling their customers to add a post without having to locate and click on the button to do so
09/21/2023 - Features added - HTTP, HTTPS, AWS S3, and BazaarVoice XML added as Product Feed options - To enable e-commerce-enabled customers to sync their products from a file hosted on a web server or securely via Amazon Web Service’s S3 service or who already produce a Bazaarvoice XML product feed to sync their products with us. Learn more about the additional options in Product Feeds
09/13/2023 - Feature added - Themes Tag Filter - To enable on-page filtering of UGC based on tags - Learn more about this feature in Saved Filter, Products, Keywords, and Tags
09/11/2023 - Feature added - Skip SAML Authentication - To enable teams that use SAML to work with external collaborators. Learn more about this feature in Single sign-on (SSO) and SAML (Enterprise SSO)
08/25/2023 - Updated version - TINT Extension - Both Safari and Chrome TINT Extensions have been updated to support users that have access to multiple teams.  Learn more about this feature in TINT Extension (Chrome and Safari) 
08/24/2023 - Product change - the ability for community administrators to duplicate missions hubs
08/24/2023 - Product change - the ability for community administrators to delete members
08/24/2023 - Feature added - TINT to Vesta connection - joint clients of Vesta and TINT will be able to access the Vesta Admin Portal directly within TINT - Learn more about this feature in Vesta
08/15/2023 - Product change - assets counter will no longer include content that has been archived
08/11/2023 - Feature added - TINT board inside Vesta communities - To give clients to the ability to place their TINT board inside of their user dashboard, activities and the forum.  Learn more about this change in How to Embed a TINT board into a Vesta Community
08/09/2023 - Feature added - Google Tag Manager in Experience Builder - To give clients the ability to modify Experience Builder pages with out-of-the-box changes - Learn more about this feature in Google Tag Manager for Experience Builder 
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