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Curious about the latest content from TINT's articles section? Look no further, as we'll regularly post our new and updated articles to ensure you stay informed and up-to-date with TINT's knowledge offerings.

New Articles:
Form Builder - This article covers our new feature Form Builder
Product Feed - AWS S3 - This article covers a how-to to add AWS S3 Product account and AWS S3 Product feed
Zapier Integration - This article covers the Zapier Integration and how to install this
BrandFolder Integration -  This article covers BrandFolder and the Integration and how to link this to your TINT account 
Connections and Feed Counts - Updating the image of the connections and adding Form Builder feed as an option
Product Feeds - Adding AWS S3 article to the list of available feeds and updating The FTP, HTTP, and AWS S3 product feeds now support the Bazaarvoice XML format
Facebook Ads - Integration - Images updated and a new how-to section added on How to push an asset to Facebook Ads Media Library from UGC Studio
How to embed TINT on WordPress - complete rewrite as WordPress no longer supports TINT boards in the same way.  Two sections added: How to embed TINT on WordPress via the Editor and How to embed TINT on WordPress via Google Tag Manager 
Bynder Integration - Layout changes and image updates
Integrations Overview - Adding Zapier and BrandFolder as an Integration option and changing the Twitter logo to the X logo
Roles and Collaborators - Adding Webhooks, OAuth Applications and Form Builder permissions to the list 
How to resolve your Social Accounts - FAQ - Updates section on I keep getting the error message "Account does not match" when I am adding my social accounts
How to use the TINT event platform - Added more relevant articles for Events
Experience Builder - Adding the section on How to download the form report and all files via the Experience report view and updating the image for viewing a report 
UTM Tracking for Embeds, Signage, and CTAs - Title changed, revamp on the structure and expanding on the meaning of the various UTMs
Access Tokens and Authentication - Rewording of certain sections to clarify important details and adding a link to another article to give more information
Public add a Post - Title change, new images, sections updated, and a new section added of How to get a Public add a Post form to pop up automatically when opening a TINT board, click here to learn more on how to do this.  
Exporting Posts via CSV - Updated section on How to export a TINT board CSV file 
Embed Code Parameters, Specifications, and Customizations - Complete revamp and new parameters added - example images coming soon
Content Management System Conflicts - Spelling error and slightly reworded
Influencer feed - changing the images and wording from Twitter to X
X (formerly Twitter) - changing the title, images and wording from Twitter to X
How to setup the X API Key - changing the title, some images and wording from Twitter to X
New Articles:
Personal Settings Page - This article is about the Personal Settings page with the options of changing your profile, changing your password inside TINT, and enabling or disabling Temporary Support Access 
Latest Updates - Wondering what's new on TINT? In this article, we will share our latest engineering updates, features, and product changes to keep you in the know about the exciting developments on our platform. 
Product Feed - HTTP including HTTPS - A how-to to add HTTP Product account and HTTP Product feed including HTTPS 
Global Moderation - Full rewrite 
Moderation and various options in the TINT board - Adding a link to Global Moderation
How to Embed a TINT board into a TINT Community - Title change from Vesta to TINT for rebranding reasons
Google Tag Manager for Experience Builder - Updated the section on How to redirect the form somewhere else once the form has been submitted
A guide on how to implement eCommerce Insights -  Explanations updated on the code sections and code itself
Everything you need to know about Social feeds - Workflow updated for Instagram authorization & connecting Facebook Pages to Instagram and extra authorization information added for the different social media account
Index of TINT Articles - Personal Settings Page Article added to the index 
Product Feeds - Adding HTTP article to the list of available feed 
New Articles:
No new articles this month
Cvent - Added sections on Attendee Hub
CSV Product Feed - Added section on How to Export a CSV file
Saved Filter, Product, Keywords, and Tags - Title change, revamped with new sections added
Google Tag Manager for Experience Builder - Wording changes and layout updated
Custom Domain for Experience Builder (ExB) - Wording changes and extra information added
Single sign-on (SSO) and SAML (Enterprise SSO) - Title change, revamped and new sections added
Google Analytics in Experience Builder - Revamped with new images as Google had updated their Analytics
TINT Extension (Chrome and Safari) - Title change, wording changes, and Safari added
Roles and Collaborators - New sections added on SAML changes
New Articles:
Google Tag Manager for Experience Builder - How to use GTM for Experience Builder
Cvent - How to implement a TINT board inside of Cvent
Index of TINT Articles - This index includes all the current TINT Articles by Subject or Feature
TINT API - Overhaul and added 3 how-to sections
Vesta - How to add a Vesta Community feed to a TINT board added
Experience Builder - Information added about the description and the addition of Google Tag Manager
How to embed your TINT board - Subheadings added
Connections and Feed - Image updated as connections have been added to TINT 
LinkedIn - Information added on alternative ways to get LinkedIn posts into a TINT board
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