Q&A Wall Theme

Q&A Wall Theme allows for you to individually choose what post to display on your TINT at any given moment. This is a great engagement tool at events where you have specific posts that you want to highlight for your audience.

You can control what post to display via the TINT App for iOS or Android, or directly in the Content panel of the TINT Editor. Once you choose a post to display it will display instantly on your TINT, where it will remain until you switch it out for another.

Step-By-Step Instructions:

1) After creating a TINT and adding at least one content source (e.g. an Instagram hashtag connection, a Facebook Page), click the PERSONALIZE panel, and under DISPLAY THEMES, select Q&A Wall:

If you’re new to TINT, or aren’t sure on how to add content click here.

2) To display a specific post, select the CONTENT panel, and above the desired post, click the More Options (...) button. Then click Display:

The post will be immediately displayed on your TINT, and will remain there until you select another post to display.

Displaying Posts via the TINT Mobile App

The TINT Mobile App makes displaying your posts even quicker. On any TINT running Q&A Wall, simply click "Display" on the bottom of your post, and then click "Yes" to confirm the action:

Any screen that is running your TINT’s display URL will now show the post you selected:

If you have any questions regarding Q&A Wall Theme please don’t hesitate to contact support@tintup.com.

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