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Uploading Custom Posts allows you to add content to your TINT that doesn’t exist on any social network. This is a great way to feature your brand or sponsor on a TINT without having to make changes to your social media channels.

How to add a Custom Post

In order to add a Custom Post:

  1. Select your TINT to enter the TINT Editor.
  2. Click the + Custom Post button under the CONTENT panel on the left-hand side of the screen
  3. On the right-hand side, a pop-up will open. You will see two section: Content and Advanced Options.
  4. Under Content, you will be able to choose content from UGC Studio by click on Select from UGC Studio or you can drag and drop or click Upload Media button to upload your content from your device.
  5. Enter the desired text for your post in the POST DESCRIPTION field
  6. Enter the author name in the AUTHOR NAME field
  7. Optionally, you can upload an author photo by clicking on the + under AUTHOR PHOTO and a post link to a certain webpage you may enter a URL in the LINK POST TO field
  8. Under Advanced options, you can add tags to the custom before posting (optional)
  9. Once everything is filled in correctly, the Add button will turn Green and you can click this to add your Custom Post to the TINT board

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How to a CTA to a Custom Post

You can also personalize your Custom Post by creating a CTA BUTTON. Just Click "Call to Action" on the post and fill out the form:


For more on CTAs, click here.

How to add a Tag to a Custom Post

Tags can be manually added to any post in your TINT. Whenever you add a Tag, it will be treated just like a keyword when you filter your posts.

In order to add a tag to a Custom post:

  1. Click on mceclip0.png in the post 
  2. Type your tag
  3. Either press enter or click on mceclip1.png to add your tag
  4. You can add multiple tags to one post
  5. Click Done to finalize
  6. Your tag(s) will appear at the bottom of your post 

For more information on Tags click here.


How to manage a Custom Post

After you’ve added a Custom Post, you can view it back in the "Custom Posts" feed within the CONTENT panel of the TINT Editor.

To make changes to the post click the "cog" icon and then "edit". To delete the Custom Post entirely click the "cog" icon and then "remove".  If you want to change the moderation of the custom posts, click on the "Lock" icon on or off or if you want to pause the feed or restart, it click the "pause or play" icon.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding Custom Posts please don’t hesitate to let us know at

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