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The Custom CSS Editor allows you to override the default styling on any theme with your own CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). This allows for almost unlimited customization options! 

Note: TINT does not provide CSS customization as a service. 

How to put CSS on your Personalization

  1. Go to Personalizations
  2. Go into the personalization where you want to place the CSS
  3. When the personalization opens, you will see Theme section on your left-hand side.  To get to the CSS, scroll down to Custom CSS section
  4. Click on Edit Theme CSS to change the display or click on Edit Popup CSS to change the Popup
  5. Once you have put your CSS in here, click on Save 
  6. Click on Publish to see the results on your web embed or signage display.



Additional Resources 

For more information on editing styles in Chrome DevTools, click here. Other great resources on CSS can be found all over the web, but if you’re new to CSS and would like to learn more we recommend checking out Mozilla's web docs or W3Schools.

If you have any questions regarding the Custom CSS Editor don't hesitate to contact Technical Support at

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