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The Public Posting feature allows users to create and upload content directly to any TINT, without needing to post publicly from a social network. With the feature enabled users simply fill out a form (much like the form for Custom Posts), and their submissions are directly added to your TINT. From there you can approve or reject the content just like any other post.

How to add a Public Post feed on a TINT board

  1.  Go into the TINT board that you would like to add the Public add a Post feed onto, navigate to the CONTENT panel, and then click the "Public Posting" icon
  2. This will open a new pop box on the right-hand side with several options. 
    People who post to your TINT must provide their email address - to receive email addresses for users that upload content.
    People who post to your TINT must provide a custom field - to receive additional information from the user about their content.
    Upload custom Terms & Conditions - to upload your Terms and Conditions.  If this option is not selected, it will not go into UGC Studio and the post will not have the Green banner Rights Approved. 
    I would like to manually approve posts before they appear publicly on my TINT - to choose if you want to manually approve the content or not.
  3. Click the "Add Social Feed" button to proceed. 
  4. This will add the feed to your TINT board

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How a Public add a Post form looks like for a user

  1. To see the form, the user must click on the "+ Add a post" button.  This is usual in the top left-hand corner unless you have used CSS to move this.
  2. The user can select to upload an image or video via the " + Upload files" button and add a caption in the write a caption... field. 
  3. Then they can also upload an AUTHOR PHOTO by clicking the "+" button
  4. Then the input is for them to add their First & Last Name,
  5. Optional inputs if you selected them when setting up the feed, they will input their Email and the same for additional information if you selected the custom field option.
  6. After clicking "SHARE MY POST NOW!", the user will see the post added to the TINT. However, if you have moderation enabled for the feed, it will not be visible to others until you approve the post.  Also this post will appear in UGC Studio if you add terms and conditions to the feed.

How it looks to the user - PaaP - 20nd November 2023.gif

How to get a Public add a Post form to pop up automatically when opening a TINT board

You have the ability to get the Public add a Post form to open up automatically when a user opens the TINT board. To implement this: add data-add-post-open to add the web embed. If set to "true", this will automatically open the public add a post modal.

For example:

<script async src=''></script><div class="tintup" data-id="article_board" data-columns="" data-expand="true" style="height: 500px; width: 100%;" data-personalization-id="1095729" data-infinitescroll="true" data-add-post-open="true" ></div>

It is also possible to specify the name of the query which, when present in the page's URL to automatically open the public add a post modal. 
For example, data-add-post-open="review" added to the embed:

data-add-post-open URL Expected behavior
(not present) Closed
false Closed
true Open
r Open
r Closed
review Open
review Closed

How to get the report for Public add a Post

If you have Require Author Email Field enabled, you can find out who is posting to your TINT through a CSV export. 

  1. Go to your TINT board that you would like the file for 
  2. Click on ... to open up the menu
  3. Click "Export Posts to CSV"
  4. The Exporting posts to CSV pop-up will appear and a moving circle will appear until it's downloaded
  5. Click on the link posts.csv to download the file

How to download the CSV file - PaaP - 20nd November 2023.gif

Once you’ve opened the CSV file search for rows where the network is public_post. There will be an entry for author email:


If you have any questions or concerns regarding Public Add a Post, please don’t hesitate to contact Technical Support at

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