Ticker Theme

Ticker is a Display Theme that works much like a standard news ticker that you might see on TV (sometimes called a "crawler" or "slide"). The theme is a horizontal, text-based display that shows the author image, author name, and any text associated with a public post on your TINT.

Personalizing Ticker

With the Ticker Display Theme, there’s a few unique options for personalization that aren’t present on other themes. This includes the addition of Bookend Images, Bookend Network Logos, a customizable Hashtag Title, three Author Image Shapes to choose from, and the ability to hide URLs and timestamps on posts.

1) BG Tab

Within the BG Tab you’ll see the familiar options for Background Color, and Background Image, (if you’re new to background images/banners on TINT click here), but you’ll also see options to upload Bookend Images. Bookend Images display on either the left-hand side or right-hand side of the Ticker (or both depending on what you choose). Simply click "Upload" to add a custom brand logo, sponsor logo, or any other image you see fit:

Along with Bookend Images, you can also display the social network icons of the connections on your TINT by selecting the "Right Bookend Network Logos" checkbox:

You also have the option to add a HASHTAG TITLE, which helps let your audience know what specific hashtag to use for your campaign or event. Simply enter your hashtag and text and select a HASHTAG TITLE COLOR using our standard color-picker tool:

Here’s an example of Ticker with a Left Bookend Image, Right Bookend Network Logos enabled, and a Hashtag Title:

2) STYLE Tab

Within the STYLE tab you can specify a MAXIMUM HEIGHT (in pixels) for your Banner, as well as a RELATIVE FONT SIZE (in percentages). Regular options like FONT, FONT COLOR, ACCENT COLOR, and HASHTAG HIGHLIGHT COLOR remain:

You can also choose the AUTHOR IMAGE SHAPE on Ticker; select from either Circle, Rounded, or Square:

3) EXTRA Tab

Unlike other Display Themes, the SCROLL SPEED for ticker is adjusted in the EXTRA tab (not in a separate display control panel):

Additionally, you can stop URLs/links from appearing on posts by selecting the Hide URLs in posts checkbox. Likewise, select Hide post timestamp to remove timestamps from Ticker:

Displaying Ticker

Ticker theme works best as an web embed set to 100% width (if you’re new to generating TINT embed code click here). You’ll also want to select a Fixed Height value which equals the Maximum Height value you chose in the STYLE tab (you can grab the value from the tooltip you see in the TINT Editor):

If you have any questions regarding Ticker theme please don’t hesitate to contact Technical Support at support@tintup.com.

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