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If you use Cisco Webex at work to communicate with your team, you can pull content from any Space and add it directly to your TINT! Increase employee advocacy and engagement in a social, and simple, way! You can then display your TINT on any in-office display screen, an internal website, or any other number of places. Encourage your team to join in and start sharing content from your new Webex implementation!

How to add a Cisco Webex feed to TINT

  1. In the CONTENT panel of the TINT Editor and then select the Cisco Webex icon to add a connection. 
  2. Click Add Account on the dropdown under SELECT ACCOUNT and follow the authentication process.
  3. Select a space from the dropdown under SELECT SPACE to pick the space that you’d like to pull content from
  4. Enter the Keyword that you’d like to use to pull in content 
  5. Click add Social Feed 


How to create content in Cisco Webex

In the space you connected, create messages with the keyword you selected (e.g. #tint)

Any message that contains the keyword will be added as a text-only post on your TINT. Additionally, messages with file attachments (e.g. text, image, GIF, or video) that contain the keyword you’ve chosen will be added to your TINT as well.

Important Notes

  • Messaging in your Space must be accompanied with your selected Keyword to be pulled into your TINT
  • Every space you connect counts as one social connection/feed - just like any other connection

If you have any questions regarding our Cisco Webex integration, please feel free to email our Support Team at 

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