How to Enable Scrolling on Mobile Devices and Unresponsive Sites

TINT behaves differently on mobile devices than it does on larger displays. When viewing sites with responsive design on a mobile device TINT will expand to the full width of the device screen. Scrolling within the TINT embed will be disabled on these smaller views, as users can get “trapped” within the iframe where TINT is embedded.

However, if your website or mobile site is unresponsive, it usually makes sense to allow users to scroll within the TINT embed. In order to enable scrolling for mobile users you can add the following element inside the <div> element of your TINT embed code:


For visual comparisons showcasing the differences between responsive and unresponsive web design, please click here.

For more information on customizing your TINT embed code with parameters, click here. If you’re new to embedding your TINT on a website, click here.

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