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Hootsuite users, welcome! We've built a seamless integration with Hootsuite to allow users to send posts from their Hootsuite streams to TINT, pull schedule posts into a TINT board, and also send user rights approved images from TINT into Hootsuite's media library. The power of monitoring and displaying social content is consolidated into one workflow so you can focus on making deeper relationships within your community.

How to add Hootsuite as a Social Account

  1. Navigate to your name in the right-hand corner
  2. Click on Team Settings
  3. On the left-hand side, click on Social Accounts in the list
  4. Click on +Add
  5. Select Hootsuite and click Connect
  6. This will bring up a Hootsuite login page
  7. Log in with your Hootsuite credentials 
  8. Click on Allow to authorize TINT to connect to Hootsuite
  9. Your account should appear in your Social Account list

How to add Hootsuite as a Social Account - Hootsuite - 24th April 2024.gif

How to add the Hootsuite feed to a TINT board

 Add a feed to pick up scheduled posts from Hootsuite.  To create this feed:

  1. Go into your TINT board
  2. Navigate to the Content section on the left-hand side and click the Hootsuite symbol
  3. A pop-up should appear on the right hand up, click the dropdown under Select Account
  4. If you have an account already added, this should be listed in the dropdown.  If you do not have an account added to TINT, then click Add Account and then it will make you log into Hootsuite and authorize it.
  5. Click on Profile.  This should show you the connected Profiles like Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIN etc.  If you publish content on various social platforms and want to pull them into TINT, you will need to setup one feed for each social platform.
  6. Click Save
  7. This should setup your feed and pull in content that is scheduled in Hootsuite.  This will not pull any historical content


This is how it appears in the TINT editor when it's been pulled in.  Scheduled posts will have a blue banner with the time and date for the publishing time that was set in Hootsuite and this will disappear when published.



How to link TINT to Hootsuite as an Integration

To link TINT to Hootsuite, do the following:

  1. Click on your name in the right-hand corner
  2. Click on Team Settings
  3. Click on Integration in the left-hand column
  4. Click on "+ Add"
  5. A popup will appear on the right-hand side and scroll until you find Hootsuite
  6. Click on Install via Hootsuite
  7. This will open a link to Hootsuite Apps 
  8. Click on Install
  9. If you aren't already logged into Hootsuite, log in and you might have to re-click on Install via Hootsuite on TINT
  10. If you are already logged in, this will install TINT on your Hootsuite account


How to link Hootsuite to TINT

  1. Go to Hootsuite
  2. Click on your profile icon
  3. Install Hootsuite Apps
  4. Search for TINT in the top right-hand corner
  5. Click on Install on the TINT app
  6. Switch on the This app allows you to send content from your streams to TINT. Turn the following plugins on or off toggle



How to select approved content from TINT in the Hootsuite Media Library

To get started sending content from TINT to Hootsuite to be used in your social posts:

  1. Click on mceclip0.png in Hootsuite
  2. Click on either Create: a Post, a Pin or an Instagram Story
  3. Prepare your post by choosing your Publish to and your content message
  4. Then to add the media element from TINT, click on Browser your Media
  5. Go to the dropdown menu and click TINT
  6. If this is the first time you have used TINT, then it will ask if you authorize Hootsuite to connect to TINT
  7. Once authorization has been granted, all your content from your UGC studio will appear.  If you are in multiple teams on TINT, you will see folders first with the names of your teams.  Go into one of these folders to pick content.
  8. Click the content you want to use
  9. Sort out your tags
  10. Click Post now or Schedule for later

Hootsuite Posting from TINT 1st August 2022 (1).gif

How to create a post using an asset in UGC Studio for Hootsuite Amplify


  1. Go into UGC Studio
  2. Make sure you are on the My Assets page
  3. Click on the tick box of the image you want select.  Currently, you can only create post with one image
  4. Click on Create and pick Post
  5. A new overlay will open.  First, pick your network that you want to post it in.  Click on Hootsuite.  You can do the same post for all three. Just select the account you want it to post from and click Add Network and do this for each one you want it to post on. 
  6. Type out your caption
  7. At the bottom, you will have two options.  Post Now and Schedule for Later.
  8. If you click the Schedule for Later option, it will give you the option to put in a time and date for it to post.

Important information:

  • Hootsuite Amplify doesn't have a character restriction
  • Posts published to Hootsuite Amplify will be immediately sent to Amplify drafts, where content Administrators can mark it as approved and ready for sharing
  • The Scheduled Date & Time should be between 3 hours and 6 months from now

If you have any questions regarding Hootsuite and how to use it with TINT, please feel free to email our Support team at support@tintup.com.

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