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Overview of the Filter Bar

The Filter Bar provides a powerful tool for narrowing down and organizing information. It offers a comprehensive set of filter options to refine your search results.  Not all options will appear on the filter bar depending on your plan or if for example, you have added tags to your posts.

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Filter options

Order Posts By

  • Time Posted
  • Last Moderated
  • Pinned
  • Relevancy


Filter by specific dates or date ranges to pinpoint content relevant to a particular timeframe.  The options that you have are

  • All Time (Default)
  • Last 7 Days
  • Last Month
  • Last 3 Months
  • Last 6 Months
  • Last Year
  • Calendar pick

Visual Search

Upload an image to find similar posts that match the theme you are looking for

Social Feed

Filter by all the Social Feeds that you have on your TINT board


Filter by Rights requests, Pinned, Incentivized Reviews, Highlighted and Tagged Products


Filter by Tags that you have added to your TINT board


Filter by the languages that the TINT board contains.  This is automatically picked up when the content comes in


Filter by objects found in the posts via our machine-learning 

Media Types

Filter by the media types of the posts that are in the TINT board


Filter by star ratings for Ratings and Review posts


Filter by Positive, Neutral or Negative Text 

Save Filter

How to create a Saved Filter

  1. Go to the TINT board where you would like to create a Saved Filter
  2. Click on Filters in the right-hand corner 
  3. Pick in the filter how you want your posts to be filtered
  4. At the bottom of the filter it will say Saved Filter, click on this 
  5. Type what you want to save the filter as
  6. Click done to save filter
  7. If you click on the bookmark next to filters, you will see your list

How to create a Saved Filter - 11th September 2023.gif

Where to view Saved Filters

  1. Next to the Filters button, click on the bookmark icon
  2. This will open a list or if you do not have any saved filters, it will show a small white window with nothing in it

Where to find saved filters - Filter Bar Article - 13th March 2024.gif

How to embed a TINT board filtered by Saved Filters

If you haven’t embedded a TINT before, please click here for more information.

To filter by Saved Filters:

  1. Click Display on the TINT board or in Personalization
  2. Once you have selected your TINT board and/or selected your Web Embed Personalization, click on the "General" dropdown and fill in all the information
  3. Then click the dropdown "Advanced Options"
  4. Select from your dropdown your Saved Filters. If you do not have any, click here on how to get a saved filter.
  5. Once you’ve copied the TINT embed code into your website’s HTML, you’ll see a TINT that only contains posts from the parameters you set up in your Saved Filter.

How to filter by saved Filter - Keywords and Tagged filtering.gif

In the example below, the blue is the code that originated out of the TINT editor. The red is the manual data saved filter ID that would be added to the code to generate the specific content for that page.

<script async src=''></script><div class="tintup" data-id="article_board" data-columns="" data-expand="true" style="height: 500px; width: 100%;" data-personalization-id="1095729" data-saved-filter-id="36859" data-infinitescroll="true"></div>

If you have any questions regarding the Filter Bar, please contact Technical Support at

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