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Acquia DAM & TINT users, welcome! Our TINT integration with Acquia DAM allows you to seamlessly push user-generated content from TINT into your Acquia DAM Digital Asset Manager when UGC rights are granted. 

In order to setup the Acquia DAM <> TINT integration, please follow the steps below and bring in your Acquia DAM administrator & TINT user.

How to setup Acquia DAM to get an access token

    1. Navigate to Admin Panel (upper left drop-down, select Admin) then go to Global Settings on the left-hand side. 
    2. Within those Global Settings options, click on API Setup (assuming this feature is turned on). Once that page loads, you can either register a new API integration or generate a user access token under an existing one. 
    3. A small dialog presents the admin with their shiny new token, and also offers a download link to get a txt file with the same information. (We generally recommend creating an API account user and give it all the permissions, so that they can build an API integration and get the most out of it, as opposed to running into permission issues or having the token tied to a specific user that may or may not get their account expired/deleted down the road (thus deactivating the token and breaking things)). 

All done for Acquia DAM platform setup. Great job! Just need to finish TINT platform setup next. 


How to connect Acquia DAM to your TINT account

1. Log into your TINT account and navigate to the Team Settings option in the top right dropdown:


2. Click on Integrations and the green +Add button


3. Find Acquia DAM (formerly known as Widen) in the sidebar, select it and click "Connect"


4. Enter your access token


5.  If successfully authenticated, you'll see Acquia DAM show up in your Integrations dashboard.

If you have any questions regarding how to use Acquia DAM with TINT, don't hesitate to contact Technical Support at

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