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How to add an Instagram Business Account

To add an Instagram Business account, this needs to be already link a Facebook Business page, click here on how to do this.
Navigate to the Social Accounts Dashboard via Team Settings on TINT. You will see a line to click "Add"
From here, click Instagram, then Connect. You will be prompted to log in here. Once credentials are added the account will appear in the Social Accounts list.

Adding an Instagram Social Feed

1) Navigate to the TINT Editor and the CONTENT panel found on the left-hand side of the page. The Content panel is where you add connections to your TINT. Simply click the Instagram Business network icon to start:


2) In the sidebar that appears to the right, 



Pick one of the feeds above, click "Next". Then select the Instagram Account. Select the Username. Then follow instructions as each one varies slightly depending on the content. 

To enable Moderation on the connection, select "I would like to manually approve posts before they appear publicly on my TINT". Click the "+ Add Social Feed" button to add the connection.



You’re all set! The connection has been made and within a few moments posts will appear in the main portion of the page:



You can add multiple connections to your TINT by repeating the process. Once you have all of the connections in place you can move on to PersonalizationModeration, and getting your TINT set up just to your liking.

Important information about an Instagram Connection and their Feeds

  • Only one person can own a connection/feed but multiple people can have access to the TINT board that the feeds are connected to.
  • Instagram and Facebook are connected.  If anything happens to the token on Facebook’s side, it can affect the Instagram’s social feed connection.
  • Personally identifiable information will not be included in responses. This means Author handles/usernames and timestamp, will not be available for hashtagged posts and no author or thumbnail information can be tracked or displayed.
  • Instagram will only allow us up to 24 hours of content when you refresh a non branded feed.  This is based on Instagram’s algorithm and it’s not something we can change on our side.
  • The link between a feed and TINT, a token, can expired for a number of reasons for example: change a password, changing the email address, the natural expiration of the token based on the Social Networks rules.  
    Click here for more information on how to resolve/re-authorize a feed.
  • We will send the person who owns the account an email saying that their token has expired.  It will look something like this:



  • Each separate Business Account can search the Instagram API for up to 30 hashtags. Instagram limits the searches to 30 over any 7 day period.
What does this mean?
Let's say you already use 30 searches and remove a #hashtag connection, it will take up to 7 days before you can add a new #hashtag with that Account. To avoid this problem, connect several Instagram Business Accounts to your Facebook Pages and/or Business Manager, you may also add multiple Facebook Accounts through the TINT Accounts Dashboard.

What if you manage hashtags on multiple products?

The 30 hashtag searches are per Business Account, not per application using that Account. In practice, connecting a hashtag on a service like Hootsuite will count against the 30 even on TINT. When connecting a new hashtag you can see the number of searches used so that you know when to add a new Business Account.
If you need any help with adding Instagram Hashtags, or your Instagram Business account, please reach out to us at


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