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How to add an Influencer feed

In the CONTENT panel of the TINT Editor, select the blue icon with two messages and has a heart in it, which is the Influencer feed.


Then you will be given the choice of Instagram, Facebook and X.

Then you will see the options for the social media platform you have chosen.

Instagram/Facebook/X - Username: The influencer's username on your chosen social media account.

Influencer Name: The influencer's name.  The connection will be labeled by the Influencer Name by default but you are able to change this

Email: The influencer's email address.  This is where the invite will be sent to

Message: This is the message that will be included in the email invite

Select Terms & Conditions...: Pick your Terms & Conditions.  These T&Cs can be added and edited under Rights Requests as well. If you have no T&Cs, this option will not appear.  If you do not select this option, you will get an error when trying to add the feed: mceclip0.png

Edit Saved Terms & Conditions: Edit your saved T&Cs or Add another T&Cs 

I would like to manually approve posts before they appear publicly on my TINT: To enable Moderation on the connection, leave this ticked.  You can also change this once you have approved the feed.  

Add Social Feed: This button will light up mint green once you have filled in all the required fields and will add your social feed to your list of feeds.  This triggers the email invite to your influencer.

The following items are optional:

Start Date / End Date: Enter dates below to control when the content is ingested from influencers. Format is MM/DD/YYYY. 

Required Hashtags: Use this option if you only want to ingest specific hashtag(s) which are included in the Influencer's post descriptions.  When using multiple, separate them with a comma.  For example, #tintlove, #topplacetowork, #amazing

Influencer article - work flow for IG, FB and X.gif

Unlike other feeds, this one will appear with a PENDING status, requiring the influencer's approval via the email invitation.

The email invitation that gets sent out to the Influencer will say: 

Hi {influencer's name},
{Your company name which is pulled from our system automatically} needs you to authorize access to {Influencer's username} on Instagram/Facebook/X.

and the message that you typed when you set up the feed. 

Looks like this: 

When the influencer clicks on the link, they will be taken to the Connect to Share Content page. On this page, it will indicate which social media platform you have sent the request for, followed by the following message: 

Hi {influencer's name} , thanks for agreeing to collaborate with us on our upcoming campaign. Please review our terms and conditions below and authorize your Instagram/Facebook/X account.

Next we’ll automatically pull in your fantastic content when you post with our required hashtag: ... This is only see if you filled in the optional info on the required hashtags.

For more information visit:

(the optional info)
We will restrict what we import to:

Content from {start date}
Content until {end date}
Content containing the {Required Hashtags}

Please accept the terms and conditions and sign in below to authorize and share content.
I agree to the Terms & Conditions.
Once they click on the link, if they do not have TINT already authorized as a third-party app, it will ask the influencer to authorize TINT to access their account and once this is complete the sign-in to approve will change to a green success button.

 This is an example of Facebook workflow:

Facebook Influencer feed - 30th November 2023.gif


Once they have accepted and agreed to the T&Cs, your feed will no longer be greyed out and will pull the information selected into this feed. The feed will automatically rights approve all content and  everything will appear in UGC Studio under your TINT board asset folder that your influencer feed is on.


Frequently asked questions 

Can I have multiple feeds for one influencer on one social platform on one TINT board? 

No, you can only have one feed per TINT board per social platform per influencer.  So you can send an invite to an Influencer to have access to their X, Facebook and Instagram account but you wouldn't be able to have two Instagram feed assigned to one TINT board with different dates or hashtags.  The first invite that they accept will be the feed that pulls the content.  If they try to accept the second invitation, the Influencer will get an error message that says Oops, it looks like you are trying to authorize ... Account. Please try again.  


Is it possible to edit the edit or hashtags after I've sent the invite email?

No, due to the fact the invite email will specify the dates and hashtags, you would need to delete the feed completely and re-invited them with the modified elements.

Can I resend the invitation email to the Influencer?

No, you can't.  If you need to send the invitation again, delete the feed that you've already created and create another for that influencer.

Can I see what hashtags and what the expiry date have been set once the invite has been sent?

Currently no but you can edit the name of your feed so we would recommend that you put some of the info there.

If you have any questions regarding Influencer Feed, please don’t hesitate to contact Technical Support at

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