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What is Rating & Reviews?

Collect, curate, moderate, and display conversion-driving Ratings and Reviews from your customers.  With Ratings & Reviews, you can generate a web embed code that you place on your products page and collect Ratings & Reviews which automatically go into your TINT board via a feed you set up.


How to add a Ratings & Reviews feed?

To add these feed to your TINT board, go to: 


A pop up box will appear on the right hand side with the following tick box options on how you want to style your form to look like:

People who submit a Review must provide a photo or video.
People who submit a Review must provide their name.
People who submit a Review must provide their email address.
Upload custom Terms & Conditions.

Choose to switch moderation on/off by leaving"I would like to manually approve posts before they appear publicly on my TINT." ticked or unticked.

Once done, click on Add Social Feed, it will appear in the left-hand column under Feeds you've added.  


How to change what fields are displayed in Ratings & Reviews?

If you want to change what fields are displayed on the form once the feed is active, you can edit this by going to:

  1. Go to your Ratings & Review feed
  2. Click on the cog
  3. Click on Change Settings
  4. On the right-hand side, the same pop up box will appear
  5. Untick or tick want you want to remove or add in
  6. Click Save


How to personalize how your Ratings & Reviews looks?

For Ratings and Reviews, we have created a new personalization option. 

To add the Ratings and Reviews personalization:

  1. Go to personalizations via either the TINT board that you are on or the personalization button at the top of the list of TINT board.
  2. Click on the + Add button
  3. Select Ratings and Reviews option
  4. Click Create
  5. This should open up the new personalization and the theme is called Table


If you have no ratings and reviews in your feed currently, you will still be able to design your look as you will see a default placeholder visualization on how it will look. 

This is default look and the form itself with all the option: 


The options that you can change currently:

  • Background Colour and option to tick transparent 
  • Font 
  • Tick option to show author of the review

Also you can use the Custom CSS to modify any elements you would like to change.

How to display your Ratings and Reviews board?

Ratings and Reviews is a web embedded option.  You can retrieve the web embed code from your TINT board or from your Personalization.   For further instructions on how to do this, click here

If you have any questions regarding Rating and Reviews, please don’t hesitate to contact Technical Support atsupport@tintup.com.



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